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your TCA type approved tracking partner.

Bigmate has heavily invested in the future, and now offer a TCA type approved device IDP- 782, ready for future regulatory requirements that may include Electronic Work Diary (EWD) and On Board Mass (OBM) changes. Using a TCA type approved device, will enable you to encompass best business practice, and prepare now for the future.

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Bigmate Business Solutions

Bigmate has a long heritage in providing tracking and telematic solutions to Australian businesses. We are now applying that long heritage to IoT. Bigmate is already delivering IoT solutions which are communication and hardware agnostic. The data produced, from what will become the one source of truth for your business, is transformed into valuable business information, that you can use to improve decision making throughout your business. We work with Federal and State Government agencies, Local Government Authorities, Large Corporations, and SME Businesses to provide IoT solutions as complex as Digital Urbanisation and Smart Cites, as well as Vehicle and Asset Management Software and Devices that provide professional tracking, monitoring and reporting capabilities for the protection of your people and assets.


Through Bigmate’s next generation portal you can easily view vehicle travel routes, street view and live location 24/7.

Fleet ManagEment

Manage your fleet easily by group and/or vehicle categories. Each category can be icon and colour coded for fast identification.

Bigmate Monitoring Software

Send tasks, forms, and documentation instantly, improving job productivity and collaboration between workers in the field and staff in the office.

Hard To Track Assets

Location finder for non-powered assets from as little as 18c per day with the added bonus of a long life inter-changeable battery solution.