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Immediate safety benefits for your COMMUNITY

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Minimate is the ultimate 3G GPS personal tracking device which ensures the quick retrieval of any person (young or old) who has wandered off, become lost or been immobilised by injury. It is ideal for lone worker safety, aged care and child safety.

About the size of a matchbox, the Minimate device can be carried in your pocket, or worn on a lanyard. It has a speaker and a microphone and acts like a phone when the SOS button is pushed, calling either the 24/7 response centre or one of your five pre-programmed numbers in an emergency, or sending SMS or email alerts.

Managed through BIGmate’s Monitoring Software, Minimate will help you to keep the people you care about safe by capturing and transmitting immediate and accurate position finding data which may be shared with a third party such as the police in times of need.

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